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Our Expertise

At Texas High Energy Materials (THEM), we love a challenge. We are experienced problem solvers who have executed projects to the highest and most exacting standards. As a preferred partner with the U.S. Military, THEM has developed and delivered cutting-edge solutions that perform under the most demanding conditions. 

In addition to our experience and expertise in military applications, we provide solutions for:
  • Epoxies, Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Silicones & Acrylics

  • Durable, Low-Friction Coatings & Lubricants

  • Self-Healing Composites

  • Fuel Bladder Development

  • Warfare & Personal Safety

  • Aerospace Safety

  • Polymer Armor

  • Impact Resistant Coatings

  • Advanced Polymer Chemistry

  • Commercialization

  • Patents

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